Studioseven approached us for a new logo and rebrand to represent where they stood in their market locally in Malta and globally as a leader in audio-visual services. Their main goal was to present themselves as an innovative and creative company with modern values, whilst still holding onto their expertise and over 40 years of operation within their industry.

Starting from their logo, our creative designer at Norr and Echo, broke down what the logo represented and how that should be redefined. From the icon, to the typeface and colour palette, we knew we were about to reach new heights for this business. After researching their competitors’ brand identities, we set out a creative strategy and plan, and began the rebrand.


Studioseven logo design

The starting point for the redesign of Studioseven’s logo was a play button symbol comprised of dimension, depth, clean lines and curves that represented forward thinking and moving forward into a new digital era, supporting their constant evolution in the audio-visual industry. We developed it so that it would additionally represent the number seven in their company name in a bold and dynamic way, making sure it was current and strong enough to stand alone as an icon on social media platforms.

Alongside the icon, we added the words “studio” and “seven” with a new custom-made typeface specifically for Studioseven, placed in a way to create harmony and balance.


Studioseven’s previous colour palette was significantly limited with the use of a bright solid red and dark charcoal grey. We decided to switch this up with a full vibrant colour palette that could be used across their social media platforms, printed material, and any merchandise produced. From a stark dark grey, we opted for a softer shade of grey, and lightened up the solid bright red to a refreshing bright coral, inspired by 2019’s pantone colour of the year, Living Coral, to evoke a generally warmer impression of the company, without removing the energy it possessed.

pantone 2019 living coral

studioseven colour palette

Dark grey | Coral | Teal | Pale Pink | Maroon | Dark Teal | Bright Orange

Using colour psychology, we added a teal to the primary colours as a contrasting opposite to the coral. We additionally made sure that text would be legible on the selected colours if they were used as background colours. The three accent colours are intended to add balance and an approachable aesthetic to the brand.

The secondary and tertiary colours were included in the case that the primary colours were not available for use on a particular medium, including lighter and darker colours for more options.

branded mugs for studioseven

Last but not least, as part of Studioseven’s new logo and rebrand, we created brand guidelines for them in the form of a brochure, which included social media post mock-ups and their own unique illustrative style, for their perusal with clients and colleagues alike.

This case study proved that a brand is able to evolve and adapt to the changing digital world with the help of marketing and branding experts. By providing the company with enough market research, creativity, regular communication and strategic insight, it was able to reach new heights.

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