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A new logo for SiBTEK

Norr and Echo was approached by Sibtek for a logo refresh, in preparation for the launch of their 13th season. As well as the logo update, they also required a completely new set design, including graphics for a huge LED screen backdrop. Ryan and Josmar, of Sibtek, gave us...

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Engagement and the Algorithm

Engagement and the Algorithm

Why is engagement on social media important? Engagement refers to how users interact with your content, and it is a very important metric on social media. The more users engage with content – by liking, sharing, and commenting, the more it is shown to others. Facebook wants to show...

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Is your data security up to scratch

Facebook leaks, privacy peaks, and cookie tweaks

Online privacy is a big deal. It looks like we’re getting serious about online privacy in 2021. Think about all the information you give out online (directly and indirectly) while using ‘free’ services… well, actually, you’re paying for these with your data. Data is a super valuable digital currency...

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Gender equality

We Asked Children About Women’s Roles

We live in a contradictory world. One with constant conflicting messaging by society and the media. Where do women fit in? In early childhood we are brought up to believe in, and adhere to, norms dictated by the society we belong to, and widely accepted by the media, to...

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Love Your Brand

Get People to Love Your Brand

#LoveYourBrand We’re sharing some great tips for increasing your brand’s impact online, along with some awesome local Maltese businesses that are doing everything right. Align with your audience The tone of your marketing message has to make sense with your audience. For example, a brand whose audience is part...

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Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

Digital Marketing trends for 2021

What can we expect for 2021? We have seen unexpected changes in global market and users’ online behaviour. Fortunately, we aren’t sailing into 2021 blind, as we can look at the data collected so far to produce forecasts and guide us into what the new year holds. Mobile first...

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2020 On Fire

What we learned in 2020

It was a year of uncertainty; some will call it the worst year in living history. But the insights we can gain from such a turbulent time will inform our strategies for the future. What is certain is that things have changed, and now is the best time to...

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Scary marketing mistakes

Horrifying Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Scary marketing mistakes you don’t want to repeat False Activism Millennials value authenticity, and this also applies to the media they consume. When the Pepsi/Kendall Jenner ad came out in 2017, it was immediately lambasted for its fake activism. That year saw many protests across the world: the women’s...

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Pink October 2020

6 Inspiring Marketing Campaigns for Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer is an issue that affects so many of us. These days, we place a lot of value in our health – trying to eat a healthy balanced diet and take care of our bodies. Breast cancer is defined as abnormal cells that form in the breast tissue,...

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Nike Cant Stop Us Ad Header

In the news: Nike’s new ad

At Norr and Echo, we look up to the best in the industry. Just yesterday, Nike has published a brand new advertisement called “You Can’t Stop Us” with a message larger than life. Directed at the sportspeople in the world, Nike sends a message that the corona virus pandemic...

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