A new logo for SiBTEK

A new logo for SiBTEK

Norr and Echo was approached by Sibtek for a logo refresh, in preparation for the launch of their 13th season. As well as the logo update, they also required a completely new set design, including graphics for a huge LED screen backdrop.

Ryan and Josmar, of Sibtek, gave us very helpful direction. They wanted ‘Sibtek’ to be depicted in one word, whereas in the previous logo the word was visually split into two: ‘sibt’ and ‘ek’. Also, the previous logo was written in lowercase so this time they wanted to see if the logo could work in uppercase. The brief was to move away from a corporate look and towards branding which is more fun and appeals to a younger audience. At the same time, the logo still had to be legible for their older audience.


works with the principle that clean and simple is best – this can transition better over different media. Even though Sibtek is a TV show, she needed to keep in mind that all the platforms where it is promoted, such as on social media. Also it would need to work on other media, should the need arise.

The core content of the show is talk and gossip, fun and light entertainment with guests who are well known personalities or celebrities. That is where the speech bubble concept came to life. Fiona found a clear, bold and easy to read font. The letters are all in uppercase, as per client’s request, except for the letter ‘i’ which has a speech button for a tittle.

new logo for sibtek

To top it all off, the design encased the word in a larger speech bubble surrounding the logotype.

This speech bubble also helps retain familiarity with the previous logo which had rounded corners on the right side of the logo.

The logo works well in different colours and comes with a new, fresh colour palette. The main logo is a silver gradient which is used on a variety of bright backgrounds.

We collaborated with Studioseven on the new set design where they came up with the idea of a cut-out concept. Here we designed the cut-outs and also inserted a few speech bubbles for consistency with the new branding.