We Asked Children About Women’s Roles

We Asked Children About Women’s Roles

We live in a contradictory world. One with constant conflicting messaging by society and the media. Where do women fit in?

In early childhood we are brought up to believe in, and adhere to, norms dictated by the society we belong to, and widely accepted by the media, to the extent that such norms are promoted daily.  Media who generically disguise stereotypes as conventions.  Only to be reprimanded for thinking differently as we grow older.  Go figure!

Women’s Day

Behind the scenes at Norr and Echo, we are a team of women with experience in our field – so we wanted to say something loud about an issue that affects us. In aid of Women’s Day and to inaugurate the birth of our agency, Norr and Echo spoke to some children about stereotyping and gender pay inequality. 

How do today’s children view discrimination? Does this generation accept the pay gap? Will women ever be equal?

Are boys and girls equal?

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In Malta, the gender pay gap stands at 10% as of 2020. That means, for every euro a man earns, a woman will earn 0.90c.

The gender wage gap exists – no question about it.

Why does the gender wage gap exist?

Women earn on average 18% less than men. Women’s earnings drop significantly after the birth of their first child. This is called ‘the motherhood penalty’.

Once they have children, women move toward jobs with fewer hours and lower wages. On average, women spend fewer hours in paid work than men.

Men see pretty much no change in their careers after fatherhood, having roughly equal earnings to non-parents.

Women spend more time than men doing unpaid work – such as household duties and childcare.

Over the days leading up to women’s day, March 8th 2021, we spread this video over social media asking the public to tell us what they think about the gender wage gap.

Roberta Metsola

Roberta Metsola, lawyer and vice president of the European Parliament, showed her appreciation for the video.

We’re also doing some good with our campaign to get people talking about the gender wage gap. We have taken this opportunity to make a donation to Business & Professional Women Malta, a foundation that promotes the equal participation of women and men in power and decision-making roles.

This video was produced with the fabulous audio-visual talent of Studioseven.

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