6 Inspiring Marketing Campaigns for Breast Cancer Awareness

6 Inspiring Marketing Campaigns for Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer is an issue that affects so many of us. These days, we place a lot of value in our health – trying to eat a healthy balanced diet and take care of our bodies. Breast cancer is defined as abnormal cells that form in the breast tissue, and yes that means it can occur in men too. Women and men of pretty much any age can be affected by this cruel disease. Each year during the month of October we get to see some truly inspiring marketing campaigns supporting the fight against the Big C. Now it’s true that cancer awareness isn’t limited only to the month of October, but this month is devoted specially to this issue.

Let’s have a look at some of the most inspiring campaigns leading the fight against breast cancer all over the world.

Bras for the cause

Athleta, a fitness clothing brand for women, decided to share the stories of badass breast cancer survivors. They have a special tie to this issue since they produce sports bras for women. As their target audience is primarily young women, they found themselves in the perfect position to celebrate the survivors of breast cancer and share their stories, educating others through these shared experiences.

Athleta also took this a step further by creating products for women who have been through mastectomies. A mastectomy is the surgical removal of a breast for a medical reason, such as to treat or prevent breast cancer. The Empower bra was launched in October 2017 offering a sports bra designed specifically for women who have had a mastectomy. Its removable cups and adjustable straps provide a more comfortable and customised fit.

Power of Pink

Giving a Hoot

As a cheeky breast-based business, Hooters took up the mantle of protection for breast cancer awareness. They decked out their website in pink and included an early detection checklist. They also started the #GiveaHoot hashtag encouraging people to share what they fight for. Sine 2002 the company has been raising money to fund cancer research, this year taking donations right through their website. They are also raising funds through other channels, such as asking patrons to add a donation to their restaurant bill, buying an endowment card, or by ordering a pink drink. Hooters is also doing special pink merchandise, where $1 from every purchase goes toward the fight against breast cancer.

Action for Breast Cancer Foundation

Action for Breast Cancer Foundation is a local Maltese voluntary organisation which provides services for breast cancer patients and survivors. The organisation is staffed by a colourful group of volunteers who are survivors, health care professionals, and caring individuals. The foundation’s cofounder and first chairperson, Helen Muscat was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, and while she lived with the disease it did not stop her from caring for other cancer patients until her death in 2013.

The founders Helen Muscat and Esther Sant set up the foundation in 2007 when they experienced first hand the lack of resources available to breast cancer patients in the Maltese Islands. Through the ABCF, patients now have guidance on bras and prosthetics to carry on with life after a mastectomy, as well as psychological help.

In 2018 I was honoured to run the Malta Half Marathon in support of Action for Breast Cancer Foundation. It was the hardest race I have ever run, but also the most heartfelt and memorable one. At every point where I felt like I couldn’t go on, I thought about my mother and other loved ones who have suffered the pain of breast cancer. It made me feel like every step I took was more powerful – because I was moving forward with all of these strong people.

You can donate to this great cause through the AFBCF website.

At the finish line, 21 kilometers later.

Grab Life By the Boobs

The co-founder of this charity, Kris Hallenga, knows for a fact that breast cancer can occur at any age. She was diagnosed at age 23. The Uk-based charity has made it their mission to encourage regular self-checks for both men and women. This powerful video makes a very inspiring statement:

“Life can be a handful… but what do you do? Let go? Or grab on?”

When Life Gives You Lemons

This highly engaging infographic-style image was created by designed by Corrine Beaumont as part of her doctorate in Design and Healthcare back in 2017. She has a personal relationship with breast cancer from losing both her grandmothers as well as a friend to the disease. Designers face a problem when conceptualising breast cancer, because portraying a real breast is taboo and won’t get past online censorship. In this case, Corrine used lemons to represent the female body part within an egg carton.

This year, the Know Your Lemons Foundation have introduced a social media challenge: suck on a lemon for 12 seconds to raise awareness of the 12 symptoms of breast cancer you need to know.

Honk Honk

Lorraine went in the complete opposite direction with her Boob Bus. This was part of the 2019 #ChangeandCheck campaign. We just love the image of the British TV presenter standing between two honking great boobs. While it is all just a bit silly, the campaign encourages us to leave behind the British stiff upper lip and just see breasts for what they are. When we remove the layer of embarrassment that is attached to discussing “private” body parts, we can face the reality of breast cancer and take prevention seriously.

All around the world, there are brands, charities, and other institutions doing their best in the fight against breast cancer. By reminding people to check themselves regularly, we can increase the number of early detections and change the perception of a cancer diagnosis from deadly to survivable. As a result of these campaigns, cancer survival rates are increasing. Cancer doesn’t have to be deadly.

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