In the news: Nike’s new ad

In the news: Nike’s new ad

At Norr and Echo, we look up to the best in the industry. Just yesterday, Nike has published a brand new advertisement called “You Can’t Stop Us” with a message larger than life. Directed at the sportspeople in the world, Nike sends a message that the corona virus pandemic won’t stop sports.

The incredible talent of all the individuals behind the video is evident. Recovering archived videos and editing them in a seamless way requires attention to detail and creativity in its own right. Combining two videos into one seamless video is remarkable and adds to the message of coming together in unison.

This has not been Nike’s first advertisement during the pandemic, and the inclusion of race, gender and sex is equally as pronounced in this ad as in the rest of their campaigns. This third advertisement features big names in the sports world, including athletes Serena Williams, Cristiano Ronaldo and Naomi Osaka. Some fun facts straight from the official “You Can’t Stop Us” Nike article are that 24 sports were represented in the video, 53 athletes, 4,000 action sequences researched and 72 final sequences were selected.

Wieden + Kennedy is a creative agency named as the World’s 1 most innovative company in advertising and marketing in 2020. Its Portland office has created this commercial by recycling archived video footage.


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