Top 10 Free Digital Marketing Courses Online

Top 10 Free Digital Marketing Courses Online

As a collective at Norr and Echo, we offer digital marketing as one of our specialised services and aim to elevate brands to a disruptive level within their sector and industry. We take digital marketing to another level; combining strategy, content and tech to reach new heights, and we always deliver.

We believe that every day is another opportunity to learn something new, and we also love sharing our insights.

Digital marketing can either be a topic you know about, or something you literally cannot comprehend except for the basics of a Facebook post and an email newsletter. In fact, we all know at least one person who hasn’t had the opportunity to learn about the digital world whether that be yourself, a friend, a colleague or your entire team at work. Nowadays, even individuals that do not require digital marketing in their day-to-day work activities should have an understanding of digital marketing as it truly connects businesses and individuals to their target audience.

How can a digital marketing certification help my career?

Think of it as a bridge to the world you want to reach.

  • Designers need to know who they are designing for, what kind of design will garner the best reaction to the audience they’re targeting, and where their designs will be shown online..
  • Content writers need to know who they are writing for, what keywords to use, and how to have their writing via articles and posts successfully rank on search engines.
  • CEOs need to know what kind of options are available to them to successfully grow their business and communicate clearly to their inhouse marketers or outsourced digital agencies and freelancers about what they expect to achieve.
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As you can see, a variety of roles are connected by the knowledge of digital marketing, and the main goals you can achieve range from: better communication, a deeper understanding of your own work, furthering personal and professional skills, or even a career change.

Online distance learning is a convenient way to develop your skills without having to sacrifice your current job
As long as you are dedicated, persistent, have good time management skills and a bursting quench of curiosity in the digital world, you shall succeed.

Today we have listed the top 10 free digital marketing courses available online from the comfort of your own home. The majority of these courses have certificates included once you complete the course, which is just another reason to enrol in one of these courses today! You will also be able to show off your new profound skills on your CV or at work on a big upcoming project!

The Top 10 Free Digital Marketing Courses Online

  1. Google Digital Workshop: Fundamentals of digital marketing (certificate included)
  2. HubSpot Academy: Inbound Marketing (certificate included)
  3. Udemy: The Complete Digital Marketing Course (certificate included)
  4. ClickMinded: Digital Marketing (certificate included)
  5. SEMRush: Digital Marketing Courses (certificate included)
  6. Coursera: Marketing Courses (certificate included)
  7. Alison: Diploma in Web Business Development and Marketing (diploma included)
  8. edX: Marketing Courses (optional certificate for a price of €183)
  9. Facebook For Business: Online Learning (blueprint certificate optional)
  10. Class Central: Digital Marketing Courses (certificate included)

The Closing Note

Each free digital marketing course above includes various topics ranging from Digital Marketing Strategy to Google Analytics, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, and more.

Additionally, while these courses are based on beginner knowledge of the subject, we know that everyone can benefit from understanding the fundamentals of digital marketing. In addition, when it comes to the more advanced strategic planning and implementation, leave it in our hands. We can guide you every single step of the way to convert your brand into an established powerhouse.

Get started today and learn the quintessential skills of today’s digital world or get in touch and drop us a line. Let’s discuss your business’ undiscovered potential.