What kind of creative are you? Creative Types Quiz by Adobe Create

What kind of creative are you? Creative Types Quiz by Adobe Create

With a multitude of creatives in our line of work, it is interesting to see what drives individuals and how these same people approach their work with clients.

the maker creative type

Whether you’re a content creator or brand strategist, we have found the online quiz for you. Released by Adobe Create – this online magazine focuses on sharing insights, tutorials and inspiration for creativity in all its forms. We’re all into an engaging digital experience and what better way is there to experience one? By participating in a fun quiz that reveals our strengths, challenges and potential as creatives, of course.

The Creative Types Quiz consists of 15 questions focusing on hidden meaning and psychology. They dig deep into your initial reactions to some random, albeit unique topics. Following each answer that you select, you get the opportunity to watch a short, animated video with sound effects. Random yet cute, each animation has an abstract element and makes you question what you’ve just watched. It’s also interesting to note that the animation changes according to your answer!

Once you receive your creative type, you get the option of downloading it in PDF, JPG, GIF and MP4 formats. You could also simply share it with your friends on social media using the hashtag #mycreativetype.

We at Norr and Echo took the quiz, and it was not surprising to find out that we received different results – with 8 possible creative types. Some of us turned out to be visionaries, and others innovators, dreamers and adventurers. That’s what makes our dynamic as a collective work: our strengths put together. Our challenges supported by one another. Our individual potential discussed with enthusiasm amongst each other for greater success as a team.

So, go on, take the quiz, have fun and let us know what kind of creative you are!